About us

What's this site?

It's an attempt to explain the world of Argentine Tango, from the point of view of a Modern Jiver.

What's in it?

Have a look through and see :)

We have a real grab-bag of fun stuff, including "how-to" articles, explanations of the obscure terms, class and venue listings and reviews, and of course some poetry. It's basically an online magazine.

Have a look here and here for some listings.

Who are you?

Some of the contributors to JiveTango.co.uk are:

David Bailey (The Godfather)

David decided to try AT at a at a Ceroc class in 2005, after failing to lead an ocho. He felt at the time that his followers were having problems following that move – he now knows it was his lead that was rubbish, not their following. But even in his ignorance he knew enough to recognise that the move was a thing of beauty to behold. When it worked, it felt – different. It was simple, elegant, and yet fiendishly difficult.

It was AT, and he was hooked...

Christopher O' Shea (The Thinker)

"No-one ever listens to Zathras. Quite mad, they say. It is good that Zathras does not mind. He's even grown to like it. Oh yes."


Christopher carefully avoids answering questions about how long he’s been dancing, because he feels it’s not a good indication of anything other than he’s always liked dancing. He has a great fondness for dancing rather than “just moving about while music is played” and asks “Why?” rather a lot.

While it’s a good thing to learn from your own mistakes, it’s much less painful to learn from others’ and so he feels that this website is a Very Good Idea.

Ken Royden (Tango Poet Laureate)

When Ken started doing MJ back in 1997 he went through all the beginners and Intermediate moves there were. Having bought the T-shirt and video, he then moved on to more advanced dance courses such as Jango, which then led to Tango.

He has also dabbled in that slotty world of West Coast Swing, but is now directing himself at the AT world, albeit with a bit of Jango, MJ & WCS thrown in as well.
Ken has written two humourous books on Modern Jive: Reflections & Observations on Ceroc - Books 1 & 2, and he is currently working on Book 3, due in 2009.