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AT sites

An excellent blog about Tango. And knitting

Arlene's London Pages
Blog / site with lots of useful information for London tangueros
Tango CommuterTango Commuter:
A man who's been there (BsAs) and done that...

Tango and Chaos
A comprehensive everything-about-tango site
London TangoA list of Tango milongas, classes, practicas and events

Discussion areas

MJ / AT organisations

JangoWest London
Classes run by Amir, the God-daddy of Jive / Tango fusion
Tracie's Latin ClubSouthamptonSalsa and Argentine Tango
Smooth Jive FusionSouthamptonClasses by Ian and Mandy
Mi JiveBuckinghamshire "AT for Jivers" workshops
Revolution DanceNW England Fusing latin dances, including AT, with smooth jive
Jive NitesStamford, Buckden, Peterborough
 Modern Jive - with a Blues influence
Modern Jive and Tango - Milongas and workshops

MJ sites